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Christine has changed my life. I am a 70 year old woman with moderate scoliosis. For years, I endured increasing pain, using various kinds of exercise and physical therapy, but never finding a solution. My pain began to constrict my activities and ability to travel, until I found out about the Schroth Method and Christine. Now, after 8 months of work with Christine, I am almost completely free of pain, able to pursue all kinds of activities, move freely, and to travel. The feeling that I wasn't getting enough air (even though I was) has disappeared as well. This is exhilarating for me to experience such a dramatic life change. I am profoundly grateful to Christine. Her expertise, understanding, thoughtfulness, and ability to listen have made an immense difference in the quality of my life.
Susan P.

On the brink of spinal fusion and at the end of my pain tolerance, I turned to a stranger in a small town on my way home from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Much to my shock, she relieved my pain in the first session. A month later I spent more time with her. It is not perfect, but I have my functionality back. I work hard to keep improving my corrections. Thru her skill she gave me back hope and thru the reduction of pain, I have my life back in control again.
Margaret Pennington

Christine has provided the kind of help for my daughter that we could not find anywhere else. She has been the critical factor in my daughter’s improved scoliosis condition. Her approach is caring and determined and she and my daughter have formed a great bond. We would not be seeing such improvements without Christine’s Schroth method physical therapy.

Our daughter, Olivia, was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 11. At that time she had a 45˚ thoracic curve and a 45 ˚ lumbar curve. She was at high risk for progression due to her age and the degree and type of curve. She was immediately fitted for a Boston brace. We were told by her (former) pediatric orthopedist that there was no exercise that would make a difference, that the most we could hope for was that she wouldn’t get worse, and that there was a very good chance that she would need surgery. Fortunately we were wise enough to explore our options. We did our research, discovered Christine, and called her. We could tell immediately that she was extremely knowledgeable and competent. She expressed real concern for the welfare of our daughter, whom she had not yet met. She talked with us about the Schroth Method and expressed confidence that she could help Olivia. We came away from that conversation with hope.

One and one-half year later, that hope has been realized. With a good Boston brace and a very doable exercise program designed by Christine, Olivia’s curves have been reduced to 30 degrees thoracic and 30 degrees lumbar- out of brace! Her current orthopedist says that we “have every reason to be delighted”. Christine believes that we will be able to reduce Olivia’s curves even more, and we have no reason to doubt her. Her concern and commitment have never wavered, and we truly feel blessed.
The Goodwin-Cook family.

Christine helped me get through this whole process from the beginning and is still helping me fix and straighten my curve. She is so calming and pushes you to your limit, but at the end of the day you know it will be all worth it.
Olivia, age 12

For my scoliosis problems, Christine Sharkey was just the ticket. She is an excellent therapist/ teacher: energetic, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and dedicated.
B. Weeks

My daughter has been working with Christine for about one year. It has been one of the most rewarding and eye opening experiences of our lives. Lindsey was diagnosed with severe scoliosis in June 2009, and surgery was recommended. We started with Christine in August 2009 (thank goodness) and Lindsey’s progress has been remarkable. In Feb. of 2010, on re-assessment, and due to her increased flexibility and decrease of her curve, she eventually was prescribed a brace, and the surgery recommendation was withdrawn. Now, with daily brace wear and on going home exercise programs, Lindsey continues to get stronger, straighter, and more physically capable and healthier. Christine & her Schroth therapy program are at the center of our very important team of a Schroth and orthotic program (brace) as well as the support of specialized manual and myofascial therapies. I trust Christine fully with Lindsey’s care; she is not only technically knowledgeable, but has built a strong, successful working relationship with Lindsey and with me. She is confident and ambitious in her commitment to the therapeutic methods she works with and the capacity of an individual person to change their own body, their health, and their spine. Christine collaborates internationally with colleagues and seeks new information and solutions to meet Lindsey’s needs as she progresses and grows, and, also, when we are stuck. Her consistent dedication to Lindsey and to our shared goals has been absolutely essential this year. No doubt the healthcare world could use more Christine Sharkeys, & not just in the scoliosis arena, but especially there. She is a smart and a compassionate therapeutically. I highly recommend working with her to everyone who has the opportunity. Working with Christine and the Schroth method will give you and your family the tools to create the outcomes you are seeking. I am so grateful that we found her!
M. Butler McGinnis

Christine Sharkey is a remarkable physical therapist. Seven months ago when I began seeing her I was unable to walk without a cane and was in severe pain. It had been diagnosed as "bursitis" in my hip by the "experts" who prescribed cortisone injections and painkillers. Needless to say it did not help. Christine was able to identify that the pain was related to my scoliosis and was with exercise able to address and correct the problem. Seven months later as long as I do my exercises (a small price to pay) I am virtually pain free. I lead a very active life and now have a new six-month-old golden retriever puppy who I am preparing, or who is preparing me, to run field trials. Thank you Christine for giving me my life back!!!!
Jean Deresienska

“I highly recommend Christine’s physical therapy services. A combination of her in-depth knowledge and expertise with her caring and compassion toward her patients creates a very nurturing, supportive and productive place for dealing with scoliosis. Christine was able to help me a great deal with my issues from scoliosis, she enabled rapid progress with my posture and helped me build exercise and correct postures into my everyday life and yoga. I am truly grateful to have met Christine on my path of living with scoliosis.”
I. Sremac

"Christine showed me how to adapt my yoga to my asymmetrical spine. I learned exercises to strengthen key muscles and release tight areas. I can move and rest more easily, with less pain. I feel my spine is getting younger!"
B. Nigreen

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